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La Petite Reine
Brie & Camembert

reine 2-min.jpg
Image by Erik Dungan

Each handcrafted wheel of La Petite Reine reflects characteristics of authentic varietal cultures and careful ripening techniques. La Petite cheeses are perfect for picnics and casual entertaining, elegant cheese plates or the simple pleasures of celebrating the good things in life.

La Petite Reine Brie  brings you all of the creamy, butter-like flavors of traditional French Brie, in a compact, elegant mini-wheel. Made with the same passion as Camembert La Petite Reine, this little Brie has a character all of its own. It features a delightfully creamy texture with mushroom flavors and nutty undertones

La Petite Reine Camembert has a core that is firmer in texture than the creamy paste close to the rind: the sign of a premium quality Camembert. As its made from premium quality and lightly pasteurized milk, this spectacular cheese was previously unavailable in the United States. 

Every day, we collect of fresh milk from dairy farms within a 40km radius around the cheese dairy, meaning that we can guarantee the quality, authenticity and trace ability of our raw material. We use modern, high performance equipment for our traditional recipes to ensure that every step in production is carried out to the highest standards. 

Enjoy La Petite Reine cheeses with a crusty bread
or on a cheese board for a truly authentic French experience.

Image by Camille Brodard
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